Getting Ready for the Harvest

We're working hard to prepare for this year's harvest which starts this coming weekend.  It looks like its going to be a bumper harvest and we are feeling very excited, especially after the disappointments of the last couple of years.

In preparation for the picking we've been cleaning out the olive crates that we use to transport the olives to the processor (after a year in the shed they are pretty dusty) and doing a final clean on the brine tubs for the table olives.  Andrew has constructed a new picking frame (PVC pipe is wonderful stuff) and our daughter has repaired the holes some pesky mice had chewed in the frame covers over the summer.

As you can see from the photos, we drafted in some slave labour in the form of our teenage grandson who had come up to visit for the weekend, this coming weekend his father will be busy helping with the actual harvesting. Marraweeny Olives is definitely a family affair.