What We Did to Recover


We did three important things – during 2015 and 2016:

  • Found – after lots of testing and talking (this is not well known science) - that the Manzanillo trees were running short of cobalt; gave each a tiny dose; now very healthy. [Trees, like people, need traces of cobalt to take in nutrients efficiently]
  • Sprayed beneficial microbes on the soil: Helps the soil microbes to change to fit with olive trees; lots of worms now! [Again, like humans; trees need good microbes to help them absorb nutrients]
  • Controlled the olive lace bug: Released lacewing insects to eat lace bug and sprayed the trees with food-grade oil to “gum up” their breathing. As the trees regain their vigour they can fight off the lace bugs on their own.


So, now we have vigorous Manzanillo trees (and Frantoio and Picual!) with lots of beautiful fruit - which will ripen to look like little cherries.