2014 New Season's Olive Oil is bottled

And here is Irene looking after her herd when she has finished the pruning We have had a good season at Marraweeny.  We’ve nurtured the trees.  Nature was kind and provided sufficient sun and rain.  We harvested 3 tonnes of fruit with our hand held rakes and drove batches to the processor to be cold pressed.  We then let the oil settle in stainless steel tanks.   We took samples to friends and relatives in UK.   They may be biased but all thought them exciting and cried for more. We have just bottled the 2014 oil - all organic, un-irrigated and extra virgin (EV) - and ready for you to taste We have: > Frantoio EV Olive Oil - $15.00 for 500 ml > Picual-Manzanillo EV Olive Oil - $15.00 for 500 ml > Postage - Free for 6 or more bottles within Melbourne area Frantoio - This is the oil for pasta with parmesan, salad dressings, basil or coriander pesto and tomato sauce.  Alternatively, it can be used as a dipping oil with fresh dense crusty bread and dukkah. Picual/Manzanillo blend -  a peppery and grassy mixture ideal for salads and dressing chicken or fish just before serving.  Alternatively serve with hot crusty bread and mop up the juices once a salad has been demolished. And we have table olives as well: > Organic Table Olives - Unirrigated - 280 ml Jar   $7 Varieties Available: Black Manzanillo;  Green Manzanillo;  Turning Picual;  Frantoio;  Mixed Varieties > Postage  - Free for 8 or more jars within Melbourne area Please let us know what you would like, you can order by e-mail or phone