Golden Olive Awards - 26th August

We went to the Golden Olive Award dinner in Wangaratta on the 26th August - and found that we had won good awards for all three of our oils - two Silvers and a Gold!  Here are the magic words from the tasting panel - and below are the three oils with their new, distinctive, bottle labels.

Frantoio    Silver:

Tomato leaf fruit matching transfer - warm palate, lovely bitterness and pepper finishing with chilli

Manzanillo        Silver

Delicate honey, herbs, floral, passionfruit, guava, well balanced bitterness and pepper soft aromas, warm lingering finish

Picual Frantoio          Gold

Salad greens tomato pepper and spice.  Excellent transfer.  Balanced and full with hints of banana and exotic fruit


Bottles with Gold.jpg
Andrew Laing